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so i drew up this wonderlanian BC i got a special dress drawn by one of my friends on deviant art so heres the progress shot and heres the actual picture gif cut short sorry….
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Briar Beauty by schwarzfox
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ukej requested Hopper a while back, so here he is!
I realised too late that his vest’s neckline is too low, and by then it was too late to fix it. And I’m guessing the designs on his jacket and vest might actually be the gold stuff like on Apple’s skirt, but I have no idea how to draw that :’>
Disclaimer: this image is not official; I constructed it using various images I found online, with Hunter Huntsman and Ken as a base.
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So…. A product of procrastination! I was also inspired by this lovely set I reblogged not so long ago http://tubblebee.tumblr.com/post/93893234844/part-2-of-this (for some reason mobile tumblr isn’t letting me do links properly….) Their set is gorgeous, check out the rest. But yea… Maybe more to come?
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Real messy but she is done ;) Prolly draw more of her because she’s so darned cute.
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Part 2 of this 
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edited the main squad into casual (-ish) clothing